Possible partership with the new CP Society called the SouthEast CP Society.

There isn't much information at this time but when that time comes I will inform you As Soon As Possible.

Feel free to ask questions.

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Also I'm looking for pictures that I can post on the Photo's Section of this page. In the future I'm hoping the Photo section will all be pictrues that you want to share(you will also be credited for).


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Or email me if you want to create a section on this webpage that you would like edit or write such as the news section or whatever.....

Cp Spots:

Home Depot: Venus Flytraps, Drosera(spatulata),Sarracenia(?), Pinguicula(primuliflora)

Lowes:Venus Flytraps,Sarracenia(Purpurea), Pinguicula(primuliflora)

Pompano Sears Garden Center: S.leucophylla, S. Wrigleyana

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